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Adware as a Plug- in And The Plug-Ins Development

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Why download freebies, when you have security in most nominal rates. Here we are talking about Adwares (It attaches itself to the browser e.g.:  Firefox plug-in) as one of the grievous plug-inavailable on Internet, which can be used with browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

About Plug-ins

In order to understand about Adwares, a basic understanding of plug-in is very important. Plugins are mini computer programs that offer additional functionality to a computer application. Graphic viewers spell checkers, and dictionaries are all tools that can be obtained as plug-ins. Sometimes plug-indevelopers provide these for free or for a small fee. There are various Plug-in development companies that develop plug-ins according to your organizational needs. There are various plug-in available in the market like Firefox plug-ins, IE plug-ins, and plug-ins for various other browsers.

Plugins from unreliable sources don’t always ask permission before installing themselves to your hard drive. Most of them don’t share their true purpose. Spyware, Adware, and browser programs can be excellent tools, but be cautious—they can also be used against you.

As discussed earlier Adware is one of the browser plug-ins like MozillaFirefoxplug-in. Why do we treat Adwares as viruses? What exactly are Adwares? Adwares are kind of plug-ins used to enhance the visuals of some of the applications, rather, advertisements on your computer. With these Adwares, is associated the profitability of several organizations as they can display advertisements about their products, services, etc. to the browsing community. So, Adwares are not all bad, whereas Adware is a kind of add-on that enhances the features and graphic quality to view an advertisement. It pleases our eyes and gives us better animated quality.

Installation of Adwares

Basically Adware is the safest plug-in attached to your browser. As discussed above, it is used to enhance the visuals of the advertisements being displayed to you. Some applications don’t run if an Adware is uninstalled. However, Adwares are generally not installed or downloaded explicitly by users on their computers, whereas Adwares are the software that you generally find being incidentally installed on your computers. Such incidents occur when you are downloading some application, freebies most of the time, lets take an example of Mozilla Firefox plug-in (If available free). Adwares make their way to your computers with the help of such freebies. They hide inside system files of such freebies and are automatically installed on your computer with the Firefox plugin (as per our example).

Adwares—Threat to your system

In spite of being one of the safest plug-ins, Adware may harm your system. Along with adware comes hacking tricks. Installation of Adware may hijack your system information or may even delete some of your important files, which may lead to system crash down. Some Adware contains password detection programs; whenever you enter a password, it is tracked by such a program and is given away to the authors of such program, which in turn leads to the theft of your important information.

There are three things that an Adware can do:

  • It can hijack your home page and access the sites that are of no use to you.

  • It can allow pop-up ads that are bothersome but also disruptive to your system.

  • Adware can slow-down your computer by adding sites and using memory, you have available on your computer.

  • Adwares run every time you turn on your computer, they also cause software conflicts that can make your computer unstable.

Tips to avoid Adware dangers

Following are some of the tips to avoid the threats caused by adware:

  • Do not download software from the unreliable sites.

  • Order your plug-ins from the reliable plug-in development company, which also gives you a facility of developing customized plugins for, e.g.: add-ons for Firefox browser, also known as Firefox plugins, from reliable Firefoxplug-in development company.
  • Use a reputablepop-up blocker to block unnecessary advertisement pop-ups.

  • Run and use an updated antivirus program that supports detection of Adwares, Spywares, etc.


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