Tuesday, December 12

Getting Started With Domain Names, And Web Hosting Plans

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Before you go out and waste all your money on an expensive, completely useless hosting package, and domain name – you might want to learn the basics. What is needed for you, or your company. If your company is beyond large, a company like Google, Facebook, or even Apple or Microsoft, this isn’t the article for you – you need a physical hard drive, and you need to make it a web server. If not, you’ll end up spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year on web hosting.

Let’s get started with how much disk space you might require. This is something to check before you order your hosting package. Typically 1 PHP or HTML file is about 1-30KB per file, an average site would have a few hundred files, but I think 1-3GB is perfect. I’ve used a 1.5GB server for 1 domain that contained over 4 sites 2 PHPBB forums, and 4 WordPress installs inside, and I still was only at 197mb. I say, 1GB is fine! 

Bandwidth is the data from your server getting transferred to the user, and it all depends on the amount of users you get per month. If you get around, 200 unique visitors a day, you will exceed 50mb in a month, so I’d think 100mb would be suitable for an average sized company. My old freewebs website used to get 23000 page views in a month, it was fine with 57mb of bandwidth! But I ended up having to upgrade!

One more thing you should worry about, is MySQL databases. Your host should provide, at least 3. If you aren’t getting 3 databases, I don’t see the point! Forums, blogs, login/register – all require databases. Although 1 is fine too, if you have nothing aside from a website. 

Customer support is essential, so make sure you get a good host that offers excellent customer support, hosts like SimplexWebs, HostGator, BlueHost, and 1&1 are perfect examples of sites that offer premium customer service. 

Support for different languages is also very essential, you should make sure your website has MySQL, PHP4/5, Java, and ASP support. In the PHP configuration, you should also make sure that php’s mail() function is enabled.

You should make sure the website’s control panel is cPanel, any custom panel isn’t worth it! So make sure your host is giving you the cPanel.

One last thing, and by far the most important, uptime. You have to find reviews of the host, that tell you about it’s uptime. The host you are using, should have at least 99% or more uptime. I would not recommend HelioHost. 

Domains are another thing you should be wary of. Some sites can really rip you off in prices for domains. I can get a domain in under $10, and I don’t think you should be paying any higher than that. You should also be wary of the uptime, and whether your domain is functioning properly or not.

Well, I hope this article has helped you figure out which host to choose, and why to choose the host you are choosing. I also hope the small section on domains helped you too! 


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