Friday, December 15

Why Computers Are Frustrating

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Computers do get frustrating, and in all the time we use our computers, at some points – we all get frustrated with our computers, it all depends on who’s using it, and how it’s being used.

The most common reason to be frustrated at a computer, is lag. Computers aren’t as fast as people, and we as humans – like things fast! In this article, I’ll be discussing, why computers are frustrating to us.

There could be many cause to frustration towards a computer, and they could be reasons such as: speed of computer, speed of Internet, things not working properly, or even losing at a game! Let’s start off with reasons as to why a computer could be frustrating because of the processor speed. 

The processor is a vital component of the computer, the processor does all the thinking for you. The processor of your computer is capable of making millions of calculations per second and when displaying graphics, the processor has to decide as to which pixels to turn on and which pixels to turn off, when and where as well as when it should do these things, and on top of all that – it has to process a number, like ‘34,45,89’ or 00FF00, into a colour! As well as just displaying, it has to log every keystroke, and mouse move, then react instantly, calculate it’s usage, keep all the other programs open, and keep system processes running. All of these tasks, take place in binary code! (zeroes and ones, which mean on or off) When you think about it that way, you start to lose that frustration, and think about what a powerful device you are using. Taking in to consideration, it does so much – it might sometimes run a bit slow, and when it does that, people start getting frustrated. 

Another main cause of frustration, is Internet speed, connecting with the Internet, and interacting with the Internet, is also a very powerful task that your computer has to perform. When your computer connects to the Internet via a cable, it has to send a packet of data called a request, to the server – which is your ISP (Internet service provider) and if the server returns a packet of data, it is stores in your temp file for about 30 seconds, utilized, then deleted. Then, when your computer connects to the internet, it connects to a website. When it does that, it has to search up the website URL, on a DNS server, then resolve the domain to an IP:PORT address, and then connect to it. Once it finds the site, it sends a few packets to the site, then the site throws thousands of dta packets back, to display the template, colors, images, text, sessions, scripts, and more, your computer stores all of this. The speed of your Internet determines the speed at which your computer downloads data packets from the server. See? That sounds like a pretty big task to do. Again, not everyone understands that, and that’s another cause of frustration! 

Another thug that agitates humans, are things that don’t work properly. By that, I mean – a button that doesn’t do anything, scam websites, broken websites, things that don’t do what you want them to. As a programmer, I forget to write functions for lots of things, but I usually check my applications thoroughly before building or publishing them. I make sure the content on my websites are also easily accessible. But some people who are just in to it for a quick project, don’t normally check these things. Which is yet another reason why people get frustrated and blame it on their computers! 

Overall, I think that people should give their poor computers a break! And thank their computers (if only) for all that they’ve done. Getting frustrated at something that works so hard, is pointless. After reading this article, I hope you have understood how hard your computer works, and thinking about these things, when you are getting frustrated – will completely end your hatred of lag!  


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