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Diamonds Are Fabulous

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Internet Jewelery

Is the internet a good place to buy Jewelery?  The answer is “Yes.”  Can you really trust any of the Jewelers that you see selling Jewelery over the internet?  The answer is “No.”  Could you trust anyone selling jewelery on the city streets and claiming that they have real jewelery for almost no cost at all?  Most likely you wouldn’t.  The internet is the same way as buying jewelery that supposedly fell off the trucks. You just can’t trust the internet either.  I want to give advise for helping you to purchase Jewelery from trusted sources on the internet.

Trusted Internet Jewelery Sources

1) Local Jewelers:  It is safe to say that you can trust your local jewelers and purchase jewelery from them on the internet.  Always, make sure the URL contains the correct address and when you go to purchase the item the site URL starts with “https.” The “s” on the end of “http” simply means that your payment being made is on a highly secured internet page.  The only downfall for purchasing jewelery from local jewelers, is that you really pay high prices for not so good jewelery.  If you plan to purchase jewelery from a local jewelery ensure you do your research first and ensure the jewelery comes with a certificate of appraisal. 

2) Amazon:  Amazon is a great place to find a wonderful deal on jewelery.  Amazon is a well known and very secure website.  Amazon provides secure payment and guarantees customers that they will receive there paid items.  Amazon by far has the best deals for great jewelery that typically comes with a certificate of appraisal. An example of fine jewelery by Amazon: 

Black Diamonds and Most Expensive Reasonably Priced Jewelery on the Internet

3) Overstock: is also a top secure place to make online purchases for reasonable deals as well.  The only downfall with Overstock is that they don’t have a big variety of Jewelery like Amazon.  Amazon has many sellers with several jewelery stores.

I highly recommend checking Amazon Jewelery and first do your research on how to buy a good diamond of your choice.  Don’t fall for any old diamond at any high marked up price. 


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