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Save Your Kids From The Hook of Junk Foods

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Globalization has opened the tricky gates of commercialism to hook our kids into the snares of junk foods. Children are the future world. World Health Organization says that children between the age group 0-19 number more than 2.4 billion in the world today and they represent boundless potential. It continues that child survival and development hinge on basic needs to support life; among these, a safe, healthy and clean environment is fundamental.

Commercialism popularizing junk foods

Junk foods are popularized by suppliers vying one another to gain considerable profits in markets. They attract the buyers as they find it is easy to buy, they need to spend only a little time to prepare and is convenient to consume. Kids are hooked by media promoting junk foods through their tricky advertisements. Advertisement is an immensely potent tool which can easily sway the judgment of even the most clued-up consumers. Children become easier victims than adults to these magic advertisements which have the power make even the unfamiliar trustworthy!  

Danger of junk food

Consumption of junk food is threatening the health of future life as it is associated with obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and dental problems. Junk food typically contains high levels of fat, sugar or salt and numerous food additives such as glutamate and tartrazine which are quite dangerous to health. At the same time it contains less proteins, vitamins and fibers. It causes a significant burden on the health system and puts our beloved children at risk of a number of health hazards, including diabetes at a very early age!

Five tips to protect the children from junk food

1) Give a variety of foods

Though it is the parents who give their kids food to eat, parents can train their children to choose healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Kids should be encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables to enrich their health. Parents should have an idea about the nutrition values of vegetables and fruits which will help them to give the best to their children.

2) Encourage drinking pure water and milk

Nowadays most of the children do not drink enough water. They are more particular about soft drinks like coke or Pepsi. They should understand that cold water is the No.1 thirst quencher. Drinking milk is also good to provide calcium which is necessary for the growing children. Milk is also a great source of minerals quite essential for the growth of children.

3) Train to listen to the body

Kids are very busy today that they forget about the needs of their body. They should properly be instructed to listen to the needs of the body. They should be aware of their hunger. Some children do not know when to stop eating and they go on eating if they find something tasty to their palate. They must know the bad results of eating too much.

4) Limit their screen time

TV and video games occupy most of the time of the kids and they forget even about eating. Parents as well as children should understand that the more time they spend of these sitting-down activities the less time they spend for eating and other physical activities. This is another danger for health. Hence the screen time should be limited.

5) Encourage being active

It is natural for the children to be active. It should be encouraged by giving them good activities that can suit their liking as well as their improvement. Those activities can limit their screen time also. 


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