Saturday, December 16

Benefits of Mint

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Mint is very useful for health which very few people know about it. Some of them doesn`t like mint at all but some use for some occasions. i am going to high light some crucial aspects which people doesn`t know very often.

1)- Boil few petals of mint in water and drink it after feeling hang over, and after few seconds magic will begin and all hand over will be disappear.

2)- If you feel food poisioning and upset stomach eg indigestion same thing you can do. Boil few petals in water and drink only that water.

3)-best cure for vomiting in emergency when you can`t find any thing to stop vomiting then use mint and it will work like nothing happen with you.

4)- if you will start drinking boiled mint water after very meal you reduce weight with in days. No side effects like wt loss drugs, dieting etc.

5)-make your routine 5 a day with two or three time mint`s water. Please don`t ignore yourself. 

6)- have always mint at home as other herbs or you can plant in your garden so whenever you need just pick some petals and boil then drink. 

Note: Remember don`t stop after one drink at least have two or three times for all above to wash out your stomach. 


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