Monday, December 18

What Are Your New Year's Resolutions?

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It is a wonderful idea to take stock of some of the things that you need to change in your life and as the tradition would have it, a new year’s resolution is an ideal opportunity for this. Start the brand new year with a brand new perspective. The tradition has been running for a while and every time it brings along with it the chance for new beginnings. This period can be seen as a sparkling fresh start for everyone, and it won’t cost you anything but a little time with yourself. You will need some paper and a pen, and about an hour of not being interrupted by anyone, including yourself. You could always tell your family that you’ll be in a meeting with your imaginary friend. Reality is that you are your own best friend and you are consulting with your special self with regards to some of the much needed changes in your own life.

Instead of procrastinating again this year, use take hold of the opportunity to make some changes. Many times we wait for our lives to improve without even taking charge of some of the situations. It’s important for you to know that you do not always have to remain a victim of a situation, especially when you have the ability to choose differently, and as with most things in life, we are choosing to be in them. Sometimes these changes are big and sometimes they are so subtle, but whatever it is will remain your choice. Once you have justified the alteration that is required, then you have yourself a new years resolution.

Some of the most popular resolutions are to quit smoking, lose weight, get a better job, drink less alcohol, exercise more, get better education, manage debt, save money, meditate, take a trip and volunteer. All of these ideas contribute to having a more wholesome existence and you could take a look at some of these examples to help you choose something if you have not made a decision yet. If your goal is to lose weight in 2011, why not determine how much weight you would like to lose in the next year, and then divide this amount by the 12 months, so that you can have an idea of how many kilos you would need to burn per month. Once you have determined this, you could subsequently work on the amount of kilograms that you would need to work off during each week and in turn decide how many sessions you would need to have in a week. Try to speak with a personal trainer or a dietitian to help you find best way of reaching your goal and start making the arrangements accordingly. Before you know it, you won’t be that person moaning about your situation anymore as you have decided to be proactive and you are getting something done. If this is compared to simply starting to exercise without knowing what you are working towards, it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing what you are working towards. Another example would be to think about an amount of money that you would like to have saved by next Christmas, then work out what would be needed to tuck away every month. This amount could go on the top of your budget as giving to yourself is also an important thing to do! If you are “not the savings type” then perhaps first try to speak to your bank about an investment that could automatically be taken from your account every month to help you along with in this process. On the other hand, if your new year’s resolution involves changing something that you do on a daily basis, then make an attempt to work with the number 21. Sources claim that it takes 21 days to change your habits, and if forcing yourself to change seems too tedious, then think of a reward scheme. Make a list of 20 little things that you like, and also something more fancy as a final reward. If you’re strapped for cash in January, then think about things you could do that you enjoy as a reward, like going for a walk on the beach or having a bubble bath. If your choice is to wake up earlier everyday or to quit smoking then keep in mind that these rewards will make the first 21 days of your new year a time to remember. What a way to start a year – changing a habit that you have wanted to for such a long time, and also treating yourself by doing the things you enjoy!

There are no limits on the amounts of things that you could do in 2011 to change your life, and you have to remember that this decision making power lies with you. Take the time to make your list of things that you want to change, select the ones you want to start first, simplify the 12 month goals into monthly, weekly and daily bits and you will soon be changing your year and in turn, changing your life! Get that pen and paper. You deserve it.


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