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What is Death Metal

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In all the genres of metal music there is one called Death Metal. This falls into the different style or attitude of metal music. Death metal bands has different genres within its own genre. For the style of death metal, it consist of heavy distorted guitars, deep growling vocals, double bass drumming and complex song structures with various tempo changes.

Death Metal Beginning

If the rumors are true than death metal orginated from thrash metal. In the mid 1980s there was bands starting to brach out to the public. Slayer, Kreator and Celtic Frost were some of the first bands that fit into this genre of music. Some bands began to rise, like Possessed and Morbid Angel.

Downtuned Guitars and Double Bass Pedals

Death metal is structured with deep growled singer, double bass drum drummer, with two guitarists and a bass player. Their music will have variations of harmony with lots of bass and distortion. Death metal puts lots of heavy distortion and bass in their music. They will have very fast guitar riffs and deep growls in their vocals. The deep growling vocals have been a trait of death metal music.

Santan and Death Metal

This genre of music has been known to have Satanism or antireligious meanings. People have taken the gory and violent style of death metal and assumed that they were part of Satanism worship. Death metal songs are about various topics in life, which have nothing to do with the devil. Songs about love, hate, happiness or sadness have all been written by various artists.

Subgenres of Death Metal

There are other categories that death metal have broken off too. Here is a list of some of the more poplular subgenres of death metal.


A growled vocal, double bass drumming and crazy guitar riffs fits this at home with the death metal community. Bands like At the Gates, In Flames and Dark Tranquillity have made this famous.

Technical Death Metal

This death metal has a very distinguished sound of music. They commonly have high harmonies and melodies with uncommon time signatures. Technical death metal has been known to be a break off of progressive rock and jazz / classical music. Bands that fall into this genre are Opeth, Cryptosy and Edge of Sanity.

Death Doom Death Metal

This death metal style is a combination of doom metal and death metal. Meaning they will have a slow tempo from doom metal, with a growling voice and double kick drumming from death metal. Bands like Winter, Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride helped this genre become more popular.

Blackened Death Metal

Bands like Behemoth, Blasphemy and Zyklon have brought out this fairly new subgenre of music called Blackened Death Metal. These bands have both features from the black metal world and the death metal world, so they called it Blackened Death Metal.


This is probably the fast tempo death metal music category. They have very complex intensity and speed in their music. Circle of Death Children, Cephalic Carnage and Brujeria have kept the growling singing to stay in the death metal family.


Deathcore is a break off of Goregrind / Deathgrind but has also incorporated some death metal elements. This style has very fast drumming, double bass, low down tuned guitars and growled vocals. They like to change up their melodic riffs, breakdowns and screamed vocals. Bands like Suicide Silence, Salt the Wound and Job for a Cowboy have designed this genre.

Future of Death Metal

The future of death metal is looking bright. There are many bands that are getting closer to mainstream and the popularity of them is growing. You will probably see more and more death metal in the close future.


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