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Faq For a Call Center in Philippines – Part II

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I treasure my customer database, how do I make sure that my data is secure?

Great question. This is a major issue in outsourcing. No matter how many iron clad non-disclosure agreements you try to have a vendor sign, unless you can really trust who you’re working with – there really is no other way to protect your data. Once you’ve got your data in the hands of a company you trust there are other measures you can take to keep it secure. Like simply having your database stored onsite in your office and having a few of our designated agents draw from the database to make or handle calls. There is also the option of transporting the data to our location, and having it stored on a secure, firewalled server to prevent break ins or any chance of data theft. If you have highly sensitive data like credit cards and social security numbers we can plan out your security needs accordingly and have them addressed before you outsource.

Will my customers know that I’m offshoring?

If they are Filipino yes. But for the most part, unless you want to tell them, customers will not know that you’re offshoring the work. Filipino agents have accents that could pass in any major city, with a melting pot of immigrants and diverse ethnicities. To further assure you on this issue, I’ve included voice samples of agents below.

What kind of services do you provide, is it just inbound or do you do outbound as well?

Primarily inbound customer service, but we also do outbound services as well. But honestly, because outbound can be a real resource hog, we are VERY selective about the outboundaccounts we bring on. Performance only campaigns have a slim chance of making it unless they’ve been proven elsewhere. Foroutbound we mostly offer hybrid models such as a base hourly performance.

How long have you been in business 


Is it possible to run a trial campaign?

Yes. But before we run a trial we want to make sure there’s long term potential. We analyze every project on a case by case basis.

What kind of software are you guys using?

Well I could tell you that we’re using a $2 million dollar, state of the art PBX, and a full loaded predictive dialer that only costs us $2,000 per seat – but instead I’ll just tell you that by capitalizing on the latest open source software (Asterisk) and upgrading the code over a period of months with a very talented crew of developers, we now have essentially the same thing.

What kind of attrition rates do you guys have?

This really depends on the campaign you’re running. If it’sinbound, attrition rates at Global Sky are extremely low. These campaigns have relatively little pressure and Filipino agents by their very nature, fit the customer service role like a glove. If it’s outbound, that’s a different story. There are things you can do to prevent high attrition rates like having some kind of training and customer loyalty program from the very start. If your program is very demanding with high expectations however, still expect high attrition rates. One point to note however, attrition rates are not NEARLY as high as they are in places like the US, Canada, Australia or UK where qualified job seekers have many options. In the Philippines for a good sales person or customer service representative, a call center job is the highest paying job, you therefore find some of the best sales people in the country working in call centers.

Will you bill me from the US or from the Philippines?

We could bill you from both locations. We are incorporated in Delaware and have a US bank account for easy payments by wire transfer. We also have US representatitives available for handling payment in the beginning as well. We will have bank accounts and represenatitives setup in Australia and the UK shortly, which will make payments from these countries more convenient.

One note on billing – we only accept bank wires.


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