Friday, December 15

Morning Cocktail

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Morning cocktail for everybody`s taste

It is very important when you wake up in the morning,your first thought about the coming day to be very positive. With this easy for preparation cocktail I think that you will be happy and will enjoy the day positively. The cocktail serves two. The time for preparation is 10 minutes.

Fresh and tasty this cocktail can do wonders with your morning mood.


300gr melon

300 gr peach

1 banana

200 ml milk

100 ml water

Method of preparation:

One part of the melon is for decoration. So, firstly you have to cut 2 pieces of it and decorate the glass. What can you do with the other part, just  smash it and place it on the bottom of two glasses. Secondly, you have to wash the peach, then chop it finely and place it onto the melon smash. The next thing you have to do is to cut round pieces of banana,not more than 3 or 4. The other part of the banana you can put together with the milk into a shaker. Shake well and pour the mixture into the glasses. After that add some water. It is better to add fizzy water. With banana pieces you can decorate the glasses on the top. If you wish you can add some fresh mint leaves. Serve cool and enjoy it!


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