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How to Create And Maintain an Off Site Seo Link Building Strategy

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Off Site Link building, a creative Technicality

I am going to hit you right between the eyes with another stirring dialogue, this time on the premises of external link building. In my last note, I talked about SEO on site for the most part, the model of your site mapping and internal SEO can be made very uncomplicated, merely by using WordPress as your Content Management System,, then adjusting the permalinks in your admin panels settings tab, after which you set up either All in One SEO or Platinum SEO from the plugin tab, along with a few other wordpress plugins that are the topic of another article, and you don’t have to worry about your onpage structure again. Even though this simplicity of on site SEO is not available in every CMS, documentation for the creation of on page optimization is available for every content management system. Now that we have clarified the above issues, it is time to direct our attention to the more time consuming question of External SEO, after which I will provide some information about individual methodologies for link building. The topic is just about as exciting as it sounds, however, just as with internal link structuring and on page optimization, you must not reduce your enthusiasm when addressing the topic of external link building, you must have a basic business strategy, or the highly desired continual stream of organic search engine generated visitors will not materialize.

Opinions about External Link building are as varied as the number of SEO “guru’s”, and the fact of the matter is that there is validity in many different methods of linkbuilding strategy, I would not restrict myself, I would utilize every technique known as viable,  while prioritizing my efforts to the most effective techniques,. I have gone to the source documents of several famous SEO authors, I have gotten a hold of video tutorial and audio courses with pdf transcription, to learn techniques, which has yielded a strategy that is producing good results.. One point I would like to make at this juncture, is that while all of the “free” traffic generation methods we will address have merit in documented success, you must be certain that the sites where you place your website anchor text on have a degree of quality, or you may be penalized by Google, as they tend to frown on sites that are linked to low quality sites. The whole concept of your linking strategy may be compromised by linking to junk sites, having your web site amidst a jungle of spam websites is no more appealing than building your house in the worst of drug infested ghettos.

I have a tendency to place emphasis on certain techniques I feel qualified to exploit, and that I know are currently yielding results,. It is certain that these procedures take a bit of time,, and given money over time, the likelihood is that I would outsource several of the more mind numbing tasks, but resource guidelines are as individual as the scope of creators online at this point in time, point being, you have to build links no matter what resources have to be spent, That being said here is a list of 24 techniques, by no means am I claiming it to be all inclusive, that you need to consider when you outline your link building strategy. 

Authority site commenting

Blog Commenting

Forum commenting

Guest authoring,

Yahoo answers,

.edu and .gov commenting

Article directories

web directories

Social bookmarking

PDF directories

Press release directories

Video Directories

PowerPoint directories

Podcast directories

Web 2.0




Hub pages

Link Baiting

Contest Creation

I recommend that you implement a strategy which includes all of the  above referenced categories, you will be able to cross your work over  some categories. Once you have completed the task of socially bookmarking a site, the only thing you have to do will be to socially bookmark the newly created pages as they come on line, and the links will stay with the domain for as long as its active, and perhaps longer. Other of these techniques will lend themselves to cross purpose as well. For example, having written an article, you can transform it into a pdf, a podcast and a video.  I have provided more in-depth information  on our home blog at  EliKen Marketing.


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