Tuesday, December 12

Pop Up Stands, How To Get A Trade Show Presence on a Small Budget

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By utilising pop up stands, there are many things you can do to help an already stretched marketing budget go even further. The primary thing you can do to make savings is to see what you can utilise from past trade fairs, quite possibly with some ‘re-vamping’ you can utilise all or at the very least, some of your pop up displays, perhaps changing a couple of the graphics panels and giving a new look to your roller banner stands.

If you have never exhibited at a trade fair in the past, using pop up stands and roller banners together will help you to create the best impression on the smallest amount of spend. Utilising pop up displays in this way will in addition assist you to make the most of every centimeter of floor area you have been given.

Pop-Up stands can be modified and configured to suit the floor plan of the stand space you have taken. Single graphics panels can be changed to give the stand a completely fresh image without the necessity of the expense of replacing it completely.

New graphics may be chosen to demonstrate a specific exhibition offer or new product or maybe your delivery area has expanded and you would like to demonstrate this graphically with a map – use your imagination instead of your wallet!

Should you be in the position where your company is intended to exhibit at two exhibitions that are running at the same time, you can make use of roller banner stands or X banner stands put side by side to create a complete stand backdrop. This configuration could also be utilised on a regular basis at smaller exhibitions or used as a background display for presentations.

I hope that these tips on ways to use your pop up stands to the best effect and economise on your trade fair exhibiting expenditure when the budget is restricted will prove to be helpful .


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