Tuesday, December 12

Meal Replacement Shakes Prepare Them In The Smoothie Maker

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It is of course very easy to make meal replacement shakes at home for a fraction of the price tag of prepared, shop bought ones, in particular if you already own a smoothie maker. Preparing shakes at home means that you do not have to guess at unfamiliar ingredients on the pack labelling, you know precisely what is in your shake, seeing as you put it there!

You do not have to worry about the things that manufacturers include in store-bought shakes, either to help them to keep fresh for a longer period or to make the ingredients taste more agreeable. If you create your own meal replacement shakes, you add only your favourite ingredients and refine it every time so that ultimately you get your own personal favourite, a shake that is really delicious to drink and which you know is doing you good!

From time to time in our energetic lives, we are simply too busy to cook a meal or relax for an hour over a leisurely lunch. These are the times when a healthy and tasty made-at-home meal replacement shake will turn out to be really useful seeing that you can make your shake when you have a moment and keep it fresh in your refrigerator to eat in place of of a sit-down meal at any time convenient to you. In addition, this means that any time you are hungry, there is a nutritious snack already prepared and you do not need to worry about getting a real food-craving and filling up with less healthy foods.

Meal replacement shakes are brilliant whether you need to increase your calorie intake, or decrease it. High protein shakes can be used for body building but alternatively, low calorie shakes will aid you with dieting. When you are on a diet a meal replacement shake for breakfast will begin the day right, without sugary cereals or carbohydrate stuffed bread or bagels.

There are only a couple of items you must have to create your shake and these are, fruit which can be either fresh, or frozen and some yogurt which can be dairy or non-dairy but preferably probiotic. To these two basic items, you might want to add a little natural sweetener in the form of honey. If you are thinking you need an energy boost, use banana as the basic ingredient in your shake and if you are counting the calories, try including a small amount of vanilla extract instead of honey.

Meal replacement shakes are really simple to create, you will wonder why you ever thought it was worthwhile buying the prepared variety. Your smoothie maker will make it is so simple and fast your shake will be ready almost as fast as you can say ‘delicious’!


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