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Narulas Pizza Omelette R003

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Narulas Pizza Omelette R003

Did you ever have one ? The contents required are the same as of a normal omelette which you have it daily only the technique is different.

Material Required for one person

  • Two eggs

  • Olive oil

  • Egg beater

  • Salt

  • Lemon

  • Half Onion

  • One green chilli

  • Turmeric one pinch

  • Capsicum half

  • Milk 50ml


  • Break the eggs and separate white from the yellow(Yolk)

  • Beat the white egg vigorously for 10 minutes by watch timings till the froth reaches the top of the tumbler in which you are beating it

  • Beat the yolk for 5 minutes separately

  • Cut onion, capsicum and chilli to small sizes

  • Meanwhile place a pan (Preferably non stick) with a tablespoon of Olive oil on slow heat

  • Pour salt and turmeric as required in the white beaten egg with half lemon squeezed in it along with 50ml milk

  • Mix the yellow beaten egg also in the white beaten egg and again beat for 5 minutes

  • The pan is ready and warm now so pour the beaten mixture of egg slowly on the pan on the oil and wait for 5 minutes(Slow gas)

  • With the help of spatula slightly pick up the omelette from one end and see if the bottom has turned light brown. If not wait for some more time till it turns light brown in colour.

  • Move the pan over the flame in circles till such  time the omelette leaves the pan and no more sticks to it. Keep moving the omelette in circles for 2 minutes.

  • Now tactfully whirl it up in the air and turn it upside down on the pan. If you are not able to do it yourself tell some lady (as they are  generally expert in it) to do it or else turn it upside down with the help of a broad  spatula.

  • Now wait for some time and do not disturb the omelette. You will see the omelette rising upto 1 inch high.

  • When the side of the omelette towards the pan also turns brown reverse it and now sprinkle onion, chilli and capsicum evenly over it. You can put the onion at the time of  beating the egg also as per your liking.

  • Bring down the pan

  • The pizza omelette is ready

  • Consume within 15 minutes to have the peak effect of the taste


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