Sunday, December 17

The Samsung Vibrant

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           This technology is bringing the highest resolution possible to your smartphone experience while cutting down on glare and using less power than a traditional display, expanding your battery life. With preloaded entertainment applications software and exclusive content, it provides you all in one entertainment gadget right at your fingertips.

           There are many features of Samsung Vibrant, Stock with Android 2.1, with a 5 Megapixel Camera, 720p HD Video This latest Capacitive Touch screen smartphone is the ultimate multimedia mobile phone device. And the Samsung Vibrant is powered by 1GHz Hummingbird A8 processor this will guaranteeing a seamless and smooth user experience.

          Customers and users world just got brighter and they don’t even need shades. Experience HD-quality video recording that’s clearly detailed, extraordinarily astonishingly and vivid colorful on the brilliant 4-inch Super AMOLED screen. Games, movies, and websites all come to life even in broad daylight thanks to an anti-reflective LCD screen. One of the thinnest, but the most responsive smartphones in the world, it also uses less power and has a longer battery life.

          There are still many capabilities and features that Samsung Vibrant have. This phone gives users and customer’s instant social networking capabilities. This phone integrates your social networking, email, and phone contacts into one address book, and combines your social networking and Google Calendar calendars. Also, you can instantly post your upload pictures and status to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace with the Updates and Feeds applications, as well as instantly see recent posts from friends and love ones on your home screen thanks to Buddies Now.


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