Wednesday, December 13

Pakistan-Islamic Terrorism in Its Backyard

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Pakistan came into existence in 1947 on the basis of the two nation theory. It was recognized by the British rulers that Hindus and Moslems were two separate ‘nations’ and thus must have separate countries. Jinnah had his way and a Muslim Pakistan in two halves East and west was created. However this two nation theory collapsed as East Pakistan  seceded and formed a seperate nation.

Pakistan was cut to size and it smarted at its dismemberment.Thus successive Pakistan rulers thought of ways to get even with India, as they felt that India was the villian of the piece. The Pakistan army, in particular after the humiliating surrender was looking for ways to get even with ‘Hindu India’.

The result of this was the launch of a terrorist movement in the valley of Kashmir. The idea was to create an atmosphere where there would be a local uprising and Kashmir could join Pakistan. However this did not happen as the local people never sided with Terror groups.A frustrated Pakistan upped the ante with foreign Mujahedeen being in filtered into the valley. At the same time the Pakistan army set up training camps  all over Pakistan.

These training camps turned out Islamic fighters by the score and they were thought of to be able to carry out Pakistan’s game plan to wrest Kashmir from India. Again these fighters have not been successful and despite terrorist attacks the people of Kashmir have not given the thumbs up to the mujahedeen. The result it that the Mujahedeen are feeling the heat of the Indian army.

Pakistan army fixation with Hindu India led it to neglect the growing fundamentalism and terrorist groups in Pakistan. The Pakistan army fondly believed that these groups would only fight India and they would suit back and watch the devfeat of India. Unfortunately this has not happened and these terrorist groups led by Al Qaeda are hell bent on taking over Pakistan. Not a day passes when terrorist attacks do not take place in Pakistan. In fact thousands have died in these attacks and spectacular attacks like the demolition of the Marriet in Rawalpindi stand out.

The scene is so complicated that recently a female suicide bomber blew herself up in a busy Food aid centre in NW Pakistan at Khar and over 43 are reported dead. The victims were from various parts of Bajaur tribal region. Thus the fat is in the fire. The Pakistan army’s obsession with Hindu India and subsequent neglect of terror groups in its backyard may be a heavy price to pay for rearing and arming groups to commit terror acts against India. It may well sound the death knell of Pakistan


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