Wednesday, December 13

How To Manage So Many Battery Operated Toys?

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Most of us have numerous kids’ toys in our house. When we clean the house we may find toys scattered all around the house to the furthest corners far from kids’ bedrooms, where they are supposed to be stored.

It may take hours to collect all the various toys and place them back in the right place, even after that many of our children still want more toys. They feel they don’t have a toy to entertain them and they find it more interesting to complain about it.

There are times when the children’s bedrooms have most of these toys and you can find them on the shelves, closets and even under their beds, they are almost everywhere! There is one thing I would like to say in their defense, that many of the toys lying around are not completely functional as their batteries are dead and have not been replaced for a very long time. Many of us will connect with the explosion of battery operated toys in our homes.  What is more familiar is the number of these toys which can’t be used as they require fresh batteries.

Now the question is why is it that parents still continue to buy battery operated toys. Should we not have realized the issues somewhere sometime back? It is strange but we keep making a fool of ourselves. There are times when we believe that we are getting an excellent deal on a particular toy but we don’t realize that in the years of use the kind of money we will have to spend on the battery of such toys.

Maybe we don’t have the intension of replacing the battery all the time but just continue to buy the battery operated toys, like some kind of a bad joke on our kids. There can be any reason, but I fro sure known that the number of battery operated lying around in our family can make us spend many hundreds of dollars if we decide to replace all of them together.

We have tried to get the large packages of dud batteries from the Dollar store, but they don’t work for long. Finally we have just decided to only keep the most loved battery toys and put the rest of them in a big box for the next garage sale.They will pass to some other gullible parent who will think that it’s a great deal. We will get rid of all the battery operated toys and our problem.


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