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Why Some Schools Need On-Site Wastewater Management

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Why a School Needs On-site Wastewater Management

Schools located within city limits are provided their plumbing by the city. Underground sewage systems exist across Austin, for example, collecting wastewater and transporting it to an off-site sewage facility where it undergoes wastewater treatment and disposal. However, the plumbing does not extend into the surrounding rural areas. When a school or a school district resides outside a city’s boundaries, it has to accommodate its own wastewater treatment process. Schools located in small towns can run into the same issue as smaller towns do not always have the resources needed to provide an extensive citywide plumbing system.

What Type of Wastewater Management a School Needs

Schools are diverse in their wastewater requirements. The academic environment produces numerous types of wastewater from different facilities, such as the cafeteria, the kitchen, the restrooms, the locker rooms, the pool, the water fountains, and the chemistry labs, etc. Handling all these different types of wastewater requires an all-purpose wastewater management system. In the Central Texas area, to fully assess the needs and ascertain what the most effective system would be, schools can consult a waste and water construction company in Austin, Texas to implement multiple treatments.

These treatments may include preliminary, primary, secondary, tertiary, and final treatments. Preliminary wastewater treatment removes the larger solid waste. Primary treatment removes smaller solids. Secondary treatment addresses the next level of particle. Tertiary treatment purifies the water of nutrients and final treatment uses disinfectant to completely eliminate all bacteria from the wastewater.

For wastewater purification and waste disposal in Austin, Texas, consult with Wastewater Solutions. With almost 25 years of experience in the field, Wastewater Solutions offers comprehensive wastewater services, from OSSF construction to maintenance to operation.


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