Saturday, December 16

Did You Know About These Solar Consumer Products?

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If you are in the solar energy business you will come across a number of new and interesting solar consumer products much before they are available in the market. You may even attend several industry conferences and tradeshows. In fact you will be surprised to see how zealous individuals are about the applications that have developed recently. Here are some of the intriguing solar consumer products which one may come across.

According to me among the most fascinating solar consumer products I have seen this year was from a UK university. It is known as the ‘Sun Trap’ and it is getting a lot of coverage and enthusiasm in the world press. It can’t be said to be a revolutionary idea, but there is no doubt that it is very innovative idea which uses the present technology. This solar consumer product is a handbag which has been created with the help of photovoltaic material in the outside and the inside of the purse has been lined with some electroluminescent substance. When you open the bag, the insides light up. The product has a small battery which is continuously being charged by the sun all along the day. 

Solar panel for notebook computers is another of the interesting solar consumer products which we found very practical. It is an extremely practical tool for those individuals who spend much time out of doors. I am sure some of you may have faced the situation when we are away from an electric outlet and our laptop loses all power. It can be really bad and this solar consumer product has the capacity to resolve this issue as long as you have the sun around. You can take it with you on your camping trip.

You will also find some incredible new solar consumer products which have been crafted to be used in the garden or your yard. I was especially impressed with the excellent garden lighting system which has been marketed just some time back.  They are in fact small lights which are used for lighting up the walkways and garden paths. The system is charged by the sun all through the day and they shine brightly through the night. 

I have just mentioned some of the innovative consumer solar products which have become a part of our life but inventors and enthusiasts all over the world work at developing great new products. It is great to see devoted individuals who are spending effort to develop sustainable energy applications. It is not going to take too much time before most of the energy products are produced with sustainability behind it.


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