Wednesday, December 13

Do You Have Iphone Bugs And Problems?

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With the very fast update of firmware for the iPhone, third party application programmers also need to update and keep patching up their programs. iPhone users are continuously being plagued by problems and bugs with the various firmware updates which are used by unlocked iPhones and this at times leaves a poor impression as compared to the high expectation from the iPhone. The worst part was that the users do not know that they don’t have to accept these iPhone bugs and problems. And they get stuck with them as the iPhone dealers just don’t care. There are a few who are stuck with spoilt or damaged iPhones, and feel cheated as they had bought the iPhone at a bargain but are not able to use it due to the bugs and problems.

Study on the net showed that there were a number of frustrated users of iPhone because of the iPhone bugs and problems. There are a few iPhone dealers who sell unlocked iPhones at a reasonable cost but they may have a lot of complains and problems and some of them just don’t work properly. You as a user will not get any value from your iPhones. Most of these iPhone dealers don’t care once they have sold the phone.

There is a company in Singapore, iPhone-Singapore who is highly recommended by the users of iPhone for their technical knowhow of iPhones as well as their after sales service provided to the consumers. In some cases iPhone-Singapore has exchanged spoiled iPhones for completely new phones for their clients when it was under warranty coverage. The company works on the basis of the case. You may not be able to do this if you buy the iPhones from any other dealers. In the case of a buyer from Bahrain who wanted to get his iPhone repaired, iPhone-Singapore compensated him for the cost of shipping. iPhone-Singapore customers are given a free iPhone program monthly as well as free upgrades with all the new iPhone firmware which are released by Apple so that you don’t have to stay with the older version.

Presently the team of is busy constructing live support forums and chartrooms and even video conferencing facilities to enhance the support and service particularly for overseas clients. You get all this with the monthly newsletters which have free iPhone programs and updates to their clients.


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