Wednesday, December 13

Christmas Traditions in my Family

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     By tradition, a people or a community are identified among others. The same happens if a family-n. Over time, each family creates its, during certain holidays, but also outside, their own traditions.

     Thus, we get used to gather the family, just to come home to our parents in the afternoon of December 24.

     We meet and head together to the village of our childhood. Each ridge of the hill and each valley are familiar to us and seem to greet us like old friends. Approaching, dogs begin to bark for joy. The youngest of them was crying with anticipation. We enter in the courtyard, where our mother is waiting with open arms. In the spacious kitchen, some of us sit around the stove, others on the bed. Dad appears and the fun begins. He bring a bottle of wine and my mum make polenta. We undress jackets and the atmosphere starts to heat.  The most delicious meal is in the family, with parents, brothers, sisters and children; no chef can compete.

      Yellow and hot polenta dominates the middle of the table. Plates with jelly are brought to the table.  We eat one serving each of them, although we could eat them all at once; we like it very much, very tasty. Other kinds of food: cream cheese, chicken soup, boeuf salad, cabbage rolls, sausages and cheese from sheep. So much delicious food, so we don’t know who ate. A glass of wine or cherry brandy helps us place the food in the stomach, then we struggled with dessert: Christmas cakes or other cake house so good they melt in your mouth.

     Then, my father showed us his new creation, specially made for these holidays: a head of a goat! We danced it, we arrangingit, we fed it …but what we didn’t do it!

    Then, to keep the traditions, we brought the box with tape and I started listening old hits, with the scent of memories. Dad has put a blonde wig received from his niece  and a old pair of sunglassesand began dancing, urging us to follow his example. Later, he pretends to be a witch and he guessed our future in an orange ball.

       Towards midnight, we made final preparations for the arrival of Santa Claus. This year my husband was assigned to wear red costume and my brother chose to be reindeer. He managed to dress and to arrange beard and mustache, and has appeared in the rain of confetti, loaded with gifts and riding a plush bunny. He sat near the stove, but he wanted to share the gifts only beside the Chirstmas tree. So we took up the tree in the entrance hall and we brought him near Santa, wih all cables. Satisfied at last, Santa begun to shout each and, after telling him a poem or a song, gave us the long awaited gift. My dad received the greatest gift, a given shovel snow. In the tinkling of bells, Santa’s gone, but not before he warned us to be good.

       After one o’clock, we finally decided to go to bed but in the morning we took it over again. After coffee, we played with the dogs. Usually, our father also offersa horse show, jumping over obstacles, but the ground was wet due to melting snow, we rescheduled for a future visit. 


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