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Manic Depression Illness And Depression

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During the peaks and valleys of what is called life a person feels down for a day or two during grief, during bad times and sometimes for no reason. Disturbance of mood is a mental disorder known as manic-depression. Consisting of unipolar (depression or mania) or bipolar (swing between two states). It darken everything in a person’s life and casts a sadness that lasts for weeks.

Some of the symptoms are:

Recurrent thoughts of death

Wish to be dead

Feelings of worthlessness

Excessive guilt

Impaired thinking or concentration

Loss of energy


Reduced appetite

Weight loss loss of appetite

Weight gain increased eating

Loss of sexual desire

Sleep disturbances too much or too little

Change in activity level too much or too little

Sudden slow down


Research has identified at least one defective gene responsible on chromosome 11. The fact that antidepressant drugs are very effective in treatment suggests there might be a chemical imbalance in the depressed person’s brain. A clear inherited tendency, drugs, and especially brain disorders are usually related to this disease. The neuro-chemical dopamine overactivity in parts of the brain causes a manic reaction to things like depression. Depression is very common and sometimes quite severe. The actual mania (unipolar and bipolar) is actually rare.

Manic depressed people usually require hospitalization. Antidepressant drugs electroconvulsive ( ECT) are effective in depression treatment. Drugs such as chlorpromazine and haloperidal are used to control manic symptoms. Lithium can be used to prevent relapse.

Group therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and individual therapy are useful treatments that aid in recovery. Repeated severe illnesses or persistent depression can seriously effect a person’s life. Many suffer social isolation, poverty, and alcohol dependence. A great number of manic depressed people attempt or commit suicide.

Even when manic depressed people experience crippling effects in the beginning they have a very good chance of recovery. No physical abilities are affected so with treatment the patient can recover to almost normal health.


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