Tuesday, December 12

Weight Reduction Requires Effort

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Weight measured in pounds or kilograms of an object or a person can be measured. In healthy adults weight remains stable if calorie intake matches calorie expenditure in activities. Weight loss or weight gain occurs if the balance of calories and expenditure is disturbed.

Obesity can be measured in terms of weight to height.

Obesity where the body contains to much body fat. If a person is obese he has more of a chance of becoming seriously ill. The reasons are not clear why some people become obese. Some obese people do not eat more than thin people. It is believed many obese people have a low metabolic rate or may need less calories because they are less active. Genetic factors do play a part in obesity if parents are obese most likely their children will be also.

Unexplained weight loss should always be a warning sign and be checked out by a physician. If your weight seems to magically disappear without any effort on your part then there may be an internal hidden illness and immediate attention to this warning sign should be taken. Your metabolic rate rarely speeds up as you age, it slows normally down, if you are not dieing and exercising , and the weight is disappearing your doctor should be alerted.

Weight loss could be activated by:

Deliberate weight reduction plan

A change in diet due to depression

A change in level of activity

A disorder or disease that disrupts the appetite

Peptic ulcer

Kidney disorders

Anorexia nervosa


Psychological factors

Digestive disorders

Persistent vomiting

Cancer of the esophagus

Stomach cancer

Mal-absorption of nutrients

Cancer many types

Chronic infection (tuberculosis,hyperthyroidism,etc)

Untreated diabetes mellitus

Exercise such as aerobics





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