Tuesday, December 12

Maria's Letter

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Maria’s Letter


Dear Santa

I’m writing this letter to help the poor orphans of the earth. I’m aware of the people killed for being witness to Jesus . I don’t desire you gift me toys on Christmas. My only prayer is to protect me, my family and friends from the Wild Beast, so that we live in Paradise. I never forget that Jesus founded His Empire on Love, not violence. I don’t need a lot of money as I know Christ conquered millions without a penny. My parents disagree and ask me again and again to request Santa for attractive gifts. My grandpa agrees with my views about penniless preacher from Nazareth.I most cordially invite you to arrive at my house during Christmas. I know you reply to each letter very fast from the North Pole.

I am Maria, a girl 12 years old. This year I have been very good to my parents, parents, sisters and neighbors. For Christmas this year, I desire neither the goodies to eat, nor Cola to drink. I like nothing more than Grace of God. Hope my letter is delivered to you. The elves will help me in this.There is joy and peace in the world during Christmas. My grandpa tells me that Santa is alive during Christmas. He recited a wonderful poem and asked me to copy it in my diary:

It’s always good for us to pause

And think awhile of Santa Claus–

That jolly symbol we revere

When we approach the changing year.

Behind his beard so long and white,

In which our children take delight,

There beats a heart from color free

Which bids all children “come to me.”

-MARSHALL M. MORGAN, “The Spirit of Santa Claus”

I  live with my grandpa, mom, dad, brother and sister. If you don’t mind, kindly  answer my following questions:

1.How do you pass your summer holidays? Please reveal to me the place you visit during these holidays.

2. How many elves and angels do you have?

3.How many presents do you distribute each year? I’m asking this not to get any gift from you. The greatest gift for me will if you arrive at my house, and I shall entertain you with some milk and cookies. I hope to receive your blessings.

Please have good rest. Best Wishes

Patiently Waiting



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