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Craigslist Jobs & Profits

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Today, Craigslist is one of the most well known of all online urban communities on the web. It allows people to place free classified adverts relating to various subjects, as well as having forums where people can discuss various topics.



Using Craigslist To Earn A Profit

The great thing is that Craigslist can be used in a number of different ways for a person to earn a profit from it. Certainly some of the most popular ways that people are now using this particular site is to advertise their product or services, to meet people or just to find a job.

– Advertising

This is probably one of the best ways for a person to utilize what Craigslist has to offer. Certainly, many people who are looking to make a profit from either a product, or service that they are selling, will turn to this particular site for one of two reasons.

The two main reasons why people are so keen to use Craigslist is the costs to advertise (extremely affordable) and they know that this site comes with a large pre-existing audience. In fact, the only charges that Craigslist makes when it comes to advertising on this particular site, is for postings relating to job advertisements, and only in certain market areas, and for housing advertisements that have been placed in one city (New York). So advertising your product or service on this site is actually free.

Because Craigslist is now receiving around 10 million visitors to it each month, and these are then generating around about 4 billion page views a month, you will find that, by placing an advertisement here, it will help you to reach a much larger target audience than you would normally do through other methods of advertising your business (and, as already mentioned, at a much more affordable price for your advertisements).

– Meeting People

Today, this section of Craigslist is devoted to providing individuals with the chance to post or read advertisements from others that are seeking plutonic or romantic relationships, no matter what their sexual orientation is. However, only those over the age of 18 are allowed access to this particular section of Craigslist. Plus, other restrictions have been placed upon this section above the normal restrictions required of those who set up websites on the internet today. One of these restrictions, and probably the most important of all, is that you may not impersonate someone else when placing an advertising posting at this site.
As the site has a number of different discussion forums available to its subscribers, it provides people with a chance to meet like minded souls.

The diversity of users is part of what makes Craigslist such an attractive place for advertising. There are sure to be others interested in the subject of your product or service…you simply have to be able to find them.

– Finding Jobs

Many people who have come to Craigslist are often searching for a new job, or looking for a change in their career. This section of the site is quite extensive, and all jobs posted are broken down into various different categories. By doing this, it makes the search for a particular position much easier for the user to find. Plus, the search features on this site allow the user to search for a job by using particular words or phrases. They can also search for those jobs by using a certain set of criteria in relation to the job that they are interested in.

They can look for things such as contract positions, internships, part time, as well as full time positions, and those positions available in non profit organizations.

This section of the site also allows the user to post their CV (resume) for consideration. It is not as well organized as the rest of the site, but those who know how to write a CV which is going to catch a potential employer’s eye, will do well using this section of the Craigslist.

The Main Part – Ways To Make Money

Currently, Craigslist is averaging around 4 billion page views a month, and so it can offer those who want them, a wealth of financial opportunities, especially if they are willing to capitalize on this site’s popularity. So if you are really keen to set up your own online business which can be run from the comfort of your own home, then it is advisable that you start looking for a service or product which you can advertise on Craigslist, and just see what results you achieve.

So let’s take a look at some ways that you can make money through using Craigslist.

Sell products that are tangible on your Website

It can either be through a special offer or a sale. But all you need to do is go to the right category on Craigslist, and then submit a posting in relation to what it is you are offering for sale, along with the price that you are offering it at. Certainly, the better the deal you can provide to those visiting the site, then the more visitors it will bring to yours.

Selling products or services on eBay

Unfortunately, using this method in order to make money could be a problem if you do not have sufficient goods to sell. Plus, placing any sort of listing on eBay is going to cost you. However, with Craigslist if you go to the “for sale” and then “free” section in various categories, you will be amazed at just what people are giving away. You can then get these goods for yourself, and if you want, start selling them on eBay, and make your profit from Craigslist in that way.

Selling Affiliate Products

I hope you know about the affiliate products, if you want to know in depth then please goto my Make Money With Facebook section. If you are looking for a way to earn money at home by use of the internet, one way is to get involved in affiliate marketing. However, you will need to read the terms of service in relation to affiliate marketing on Craigslist, as this is not normally allowed. But there are ways in which you can either suggest or recommend to those that use Craigslist, in order for them to purchase the affiliate products that you are offering.

In the end, there are so many people now turning to Craigslist in order to look for products and services that are being offered to them, then you should not miss out if you are looking for a way to earn a living from home through using the internet. All the users of this site are highly targeted (and already categorized for your convenience) and will be keen to find what it is that they want. So the sooner you get your Craigslist campaign under way, then the sooner you can start watching your profits climb. To sum up, you can use Craigslist to:

1. Find Jobs Of Any Type

2. Sell Your Products.

3. Sell Affiliate Products

4. Promote your business (Advertising)

5. Meeting People


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