Monday, December 11

Why Shouldn’t You Follow Blindly The ‘’how to Articles – Part ‘’one’’

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How to make money from on-line articles, how to dump your ditching husband/boyfriend, how to keep feet, how to get free govt. land, how to handle your teen child’s demands, how to make your Boss impressed, then how not to get depressed, how to talk and how to walk, how to make love and how to hide hate, even how to live big and how not to die low…….. don’t you have the same disgusting feeling of that, somebody is continuously poking and trying to prove himself better  then you do?  ‘’ How to…’’ articles are mashroomised everywhere; print media as well as electronic media. I just want to discuss the relevance of all these articles. Of course at times you could find some of them have functional values which could supplement your thought or strengthen your opinion about a certain conclusion. But day by day I think this type of articles are becoming a writer’s fashion statement or nobody cares to be serious about their accountability.

   1.   Every person has his/her specific skills, abilities and certain procedure of doing things. Two different persons can reach the same professional pinnacle; still both of them may follow two completely different methodologies. So fixing parameters are not always going to help you out.

2.In case of emotional problems, no one can apply the same strategy or even the same vocabulary, to dissolve or dilute conflictions/setbacks. Relationships are such complicated things; you need to tackle them situational, not specific. All of us go through a complicated & stress fullstate of mind when something goes wrong, we need to be spontaneous & smart enough either to generate a formula or to convert a tried & tasted advise to tune up the present situation.

3.Then considering money making formulae, some of us are not there in a particular field, just to make money. We do things at times as a hobby, to communicate our outer space, to vent out our feelings, for fun, or we might because we have to. You can’t make money just jumping into theories formulated by somebody else if you don’t have any involvement in that profession. Even if you earn some then that is not going to help you in a long run. Adaptation needs utmost care & a deep self analysis of capabilities. Listen to your heart. If a hobby could become a profession, my experience says, that could be one of the best ways to make money & be happy.

Some other ‘’how to ‘’ articles we will discuss in the next issue. I am not giving advise not to follow any of them but to becare full and rational whiletaking these tips seriously .Some of them are really informative and helpful. Your inner sense is the best judge, seek its help before any  di       d      of


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