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Super Bowl 2011 Commercials

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The Super Bowl Commercials 2011, Super Bowl Ads are there to stay. The Super Bowl ads were a big hit or rather are still a big hit. The 2011 super bowl commercials are being watched again and again on the net by everyone. They indeed have left a lasting effect on everyone’s mind and heart. The Super Bowl ads which dominated this year’s commercial were Doritos, Budweiser and Snickers. They were funny, interesting and had meaningful messages.
The Snickers Betty White’s ad turned out to be quite popular. The Ad shows that a group of young athletes including Betty White play football in the mud and shows the lack of energy and stamina. But not after having snickers. The Doritos ad has a kid slapping her mom’s suitor and telling him, “Keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my Doritos.” Many people laughed their socks off after watching this ad. The Anheuser-Busch Inbev again had the biggest lineup of Super Bowl Commercials on 2011. They aired 5 Bud Light Super Bowl Ads and all are quite entertaining to watch. The Bud Light ads include Bud Light House, Bud Light Stranded, Bud Light Asteroid, Bud Light Book Club and Bud Light Voice Box T-Pain.

The Light House generated a lot of hype and buzz as it features a house “built” of more than 14,000 cans. Super Bowl 2010 created history with its commercials! It is believed that more than 160 million people watched the ads played out during the Super Bowl Saint vs. Colts match last Sunday. The game is over but everyone is still talking about the Super Bowl Commercials and what they loved about them. The best and worst super bowl commercials 2010 have been the most searched on the net. Millions of dollars are spent on creating Super Bowl commercials. During the four quarters of Super Bowl 2010 more than 60 ads were aired. In 2010, CBS set a new record when it attempted to sell Super Bowl spots for $3 million per 30-second commercial. So if you watched the commercials during the Super Bowl Sunday see now the worst three and the best three commercials:

Worst Super Bowl 2011 Commercials:
3- Dr Pepper Cherry Dr Love
2- Audi Green Car
1- Tim Tebow — I’m So Glad Tim Tebow Grew Past FetusHood

Best Three Super Bowl 2011 Commercials:

3- Simpsons — Broke Billionaire
2- Betty White — Snickers
1- Google — Parisian Love

The ads can be watched on various websites. Apart from the above mentioned commercials, this year, there were a number of other commercials which were found to be quite interesting. Some of the Super bowl ads were funny, while some were quite boring.

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