Monday, December 18

Commodity to Experience in Sales

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As a Wealth Coach, many Salespeople come to me and ask, “How do I make more sales? and How do I retain more clients?

Throughout my years in business, I have learned that one must position oneself as an Experience. At first glance this may seem confusing, so allow me to explain.

In life, we need certain things and we want certain things. Here are some examples of some needs and wants:

piece of mind
cell phone

Now, to achieve many of the above – requires some type of SALE. And many of the listed examples provide a choice for you as a consumer to make. I like to call these choices a commodity service provided by someone. As a consumer one has the choice of spending their money with whoever they wish. There are some that will always look for the best deal. And this best deal means something different depending on the person. Some people like to save money and will constantly switch to the cheapest commodity provider. These type of people are loyal only to their wallet. Then there are others that are not so concerned with the cheapest commodity provider; but rather the service they receive. These type of people are loyal to how they feel.

In my opinion, there are two types of people here:

1) money loyalty (logical – the commodity)
2) service loyalty (emotional – the experience)

And in my opinion, some in the money loyalty category can be converted to the service loyalty category and vice versa.

Now, in business unless you own it and control the cost of your products or services – you can only control the #2 category – the service.

So, the goal should be how to sell from a commodity based standpoint to how to sell from an experience based standpoint. More specifically, how to tap into the emotional side of the consumer’s mind.

Remember the saying “people don’t care what you know, they care how you make them feel”?

Here are some ways to do so:

Remember your clients most important day of the year – their birthday and send them an email, phone call, birthday card in mail or all 3. Here is one way I send cards on my computer and the company prints them, stuffs into an envelope, and mails if for me and it’s only $2.99 a card – including postage : Click here

Your business cards – yes have some nice ones printed up – but also have some Dollar Bill Cards printed up. I have seen huge results in one of my businesses because of this Dollar Card. Here is the website to check out to learn more about it – Click here

Keep in contact with those you meet and your clients. This will help you make more sales and keep more clients. If people are not hearing from you, they forget about you. Here is a great service I use to do such that – Click here


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