Friday, December 15

Questions Your Flyer Should Answer

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Considering the questions your flyer should answer may be a critical part of implementing your next printed promotional item as part of an existing marketing plan. Whether as part of corporate industry measures or private entrepreneurial enterprises, pieces such as leaflets, flyers, tri-folds, and others have all been used in attempts to entice potential customers toward buying decisions. In order to do so, certain criteria must be met in the content and design of these distributed materials.

What do you offer?

If you truly believe in the good or service that your business provides, then you should not be ashamed of it or hold it as a secret. As tempting as it may be to simply use some surrealist artwork and a catchy slogan to lure people into checking out the website, explaining what you are able to provide is one of the essential questions your flyer should answer because, without it, the reader will not understand why he or she should bother investigating further or what purpose your organization could possibly serve.

Why are you different?

One of the questions your flyer should answer is why you are different; that is, an explanation of how you outclass your competition and why anyone considering using your products or services should not simply go elsewhere or keep their money in their pockets. Even if it is something as “simple” as providing superior customer service, lower prices, having been in business for a long time, etc., you should at least be making some sort of attempt to explain what makes your particular operation so distinctively special and unique.

How can I contact you?

No matter how clever the wording, awesome the graphics, or viable the business, the promotional piece will be a dud if it does not give the viewer any information on how to contact you. Contact information is one of the questions your flyer should answer simply because if it is omitted, than any interested party reading the brochure will be unable to follow up on that interest. Resulting sales cannot happen without an avenue available to the reader who wants to make a purchase.

The highest quality graphic designer can provide the artwork, a marketing content specialist can fill in the text, and a premiere printing service can give the piece a glossy finish on great stock, but unless you answer the basic questions your flyer should answer, it will not stand a chance of achieving success towards its goal.


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