Monday, December 18

The High Fashion Appeal of Alligator

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For generations, those of us with a taste for style have been aware of the
classic appeal and durability of bags, boots and belts fashioned from
alligator leather – the Rolls Royce of the leather industry. Each uniquely
textured hide provides an exotic composition for accessories that demand
notice and exude elevated status.
Alligator leather has unique patterns – meaning that no two pieces can ever
be exactly alike – and the grain of the hide is instantly recognizable in
the world of high fashion. There is a certain thrill to wearing an alligator
belt or carrying a bag made from the skin of one of the world’s most
ancient and deadly predators, but sometimes a little research is required to
discover which retailers furnish the highest quality products to their
consumers. is one such provider – the website offers extremely
well-made products at very reasonable rates. USGator knows what consumers
want: classically cut products that will look stylish for years to come.
Because alligator hide is so robust, USGator’s French clutches and black
alligator belts will last a lifetime.
These products need little upkeep – perhaps the occasional wipe with a damp
cloth and a little air drying – as alligator leather is among the most
durable materials.
Because alligator leather is so difficult to mold, great care and skill must
be incorporated into each piece. Handmade boots, belts, bags and wallets
created from alligator hide not only make wearers dressed to impress, but
offer the guarantee of reliability as well.
Alligator boots, wallets and belts have been in high demand for decades and
such apparel will continue to attract the fashionable set for years to come.
The striking grain of alligator skin is in good company amongst fashion’s
most desirable luxuries – including shark skin, ostrich leather and the
feathers of rare birds.


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