Wednesday, December 13

Overcome Fear With Visualization

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Fear can be a motivational tool, just like anger. Most people tolerate bad situations in the workplace and at home because of the fear of loss, fear of change, fear of success, and fear of failure, among others. There comes a point where you must acknowledge that fear and move on.

Think about your personal fears as relatives or in laws. They are precious, but they often cause mroe trouble than they’re worth. There is no real reason that they can’t stay at the local motel than in your home. Just like your in laws, if you ignore your fears, they just get louder and more obnoxious.

One method of overcoming fear is to take your fearsome scenario to its logical conclusion. Then, when faced with the phantom fear, find a suitable contingency plan.

Here’s an example of using this method to overcome fear.

I stay at the job I hate because I fear that I will lose the house.

Overcome fear by reassuring yourself that you are highly qualified at your position, that you will be able to quickly and easily get another position.

You might question whether you can get another job. With each question, overcome fear by providing a logical and reasonable response to the scenario. Remember that you are not a psychic, and that you cannot be guaranteed that things will happen.

There is no right time to pursue your dreams, so you might as well do it now.
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