Monday, December 18

Don't Let Your Freedom Destroy Your Future

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Don’t let your freedom destroy your future

Parents of young maidens these days permit quite a bit of freedom for them unlike some forty or fifty years back. So, there could be a temptation on their part to misuse this privilege and in the bargain ruin their own future.

Why do Indian parents place such heavy restrictions on the conduct of their daughters while they allow their sons far greater liberty than they deserve ? Some bold daughters have even questioned their mother about this discrimination especially about the time of return home after school/college or play time. If a son comes home after 8.30 p.m,, not a word is said but if a daughter does that, she is subjected to heavy cross examination. “Why?”

“Because, my child,” the mother would start after caressing her head a bit, “If you make a mistake, your future will be in doldrums.. That’s why ….?” After a long pause, mummy adds, “You understand that, don’t you?”

Sunita, 17, really hadn’t understood the logic behind it at all. So, mother takes her aside and tells her some hard truths .“You know our next door Aunty, Mrs. Sudharshan? She is a senior nurse in the Government hospital….?”
Sunita nods knowledgeably.

Then the mother looks to her left and right to ensure that there are no eaves droppers and continues, “I believe last week, a school girl in her uniform went to Aunty secretly for carrying out an abortion on herself…”

Sunita crouched with a “What ?”

“Yes, my daughter, this school girl was pregnant at the age of 17.
Could you imagine what her future is going to be? It’s gone, it’s gone for a six. You understand that, don’t you my child?”

Sunita defended herself saying,“But I won’t allow any boy to touch me like … touch me …? “
Even before Sunita finished her line, the mother intervened and said, “It could happen at a moment of weakness, my child. One bad moment could destroy your future life of some 50 years..”

Mother continued. Free sex is the talking subject among you girls these days. You are all aware of the availability of pills, condoms etc. But then there could be slips. What will happen if a girl gets pregnant at the age of 15 or 16. True, one could go in for an abortion on the quiet. But, can you hide this fact from your future in-laws and husband? You have to tell them that and that could be the end of your marriage prospects.

Also, on the nuptial bed itself, your Man may ask, “Any previous sex experience ?” If you say ‘yes’, some husbands may condone it and if you say ‘no’ while the truth is ‘yes’ he might lose all respect for you and treat you as a second grade woman; he might even abandon you some day.

Let’s say there has been no cross examination by your hubby and life goes on well, One day years later, your own most virtuous daughter may ask you, “Mamma, were you a good girl like me during your teen age days? Or, were you a naughty type?” You could tell a lie to your child and get off but your conscience would keep pricking you for days.”

So, why not avoid all these hassle by being pure and not misusing your freedom. Fall in love all right if you come across a nice man but have no physical contact whatever.

A question was steaming in Sunita’s mouth and the mother had sensed it too. “No further discussion on the subject,” mother had said and sent her to her room to continue her studies.


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