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Want to Get Glitzy?

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Fine Glitter Dust by BarryM


It is a glitter dust, which comes in 22 different shades of loose pearl colour, which has been blended with ultra fine glitter flecks. It will leave your eyes glittering and dazzling. It is mostly used on eyes but it can be put onto the cheeks, lips and body to give the glitzy look. It is a fun and adventurous type of makeup, which you can experiment with.


It comes in a small transparent tub made out of thick sturdy glass. It has a black plastic screw lid, which tells you what the product is and has the BarryM logo on it. The tub is very small so it can be easily carried around with you, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Even though the tub is made out of plastic it won’t smash easily I have dropped it a few times and no damage has been done.


Different colours of the glitter dusts have different ingredients. The two different mixtures of ingredients are outlined below.

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Polyethlene Terephthalate Expoxy, Resin [+/- CI77499 CI77491, CI77492, CI77510, CI77288, CI15850, CI45410, CI42090, CI19140, CI15985, CI77742, CI73360, Tin Oxide]


Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Polyethlene Terephthalate , CI77000 [+/- CI77499’CI77491, CI77492, CI77510, CI77288, CI15850, CI45410, CI42090,CI19140, CI15985, CI77742, CI73360, Tin Oxide

If you are allergic to any of these ingredients you will need to check the colour before you buy it.


The glitter dust comes in 22 different shades of blue, green, gold, purple, cream, silver, and pink. When inspecting all the different shades you can see them clearly through the tub so you won’t have to guess what the colour will look like.

It costs £4.50 per tub and I feel that this is expensive however even though the tub is small it does last a long time, as you don’t need much glitter at any one time.

When putting on this glitter dust you can use your fingertips if you want to put it onto your cheeks. Another way of applying to your body would be to use a large brush and to lightly dust it over your skin. To apply to your eyes it is best to put on a cream based eyeshadow as it will stick to it better and use a small fine brush to apply one if you are looking for precision.


I like this product, as it is not as expensive as other brands. I use it for my eyes and it really highlights them when I use a thin brush to outline them. The problem I have with this product is that the brush wasn’t included and you will need to buy one. Also it can sometimes be very messy to apply and you can find glitter everywhere for days. Sometimes when I am lining my eyes I think that I can see stars but then I realise that it is just the glitter as it has fallen into my eyelashes. I have the silver colour of fine glitter dust and it is very vibrant. It really makes your eyes stand out and is a bit different from other products. If you like glitter I would recommend this product completely.

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