Thursday, December 14

Baked Filled Tomatoes

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This cheap and delicious recipe serves 4. It is easy for preparation and very cheap.The time for preparing it is about 40- 50 minutes. Everybody will like it because it is very suitable for every day preparation. But one can use it when some guests come and you do not expect them.


12  big tomatoes

600 gr spinach

200gr white cheese

200 gr boiled minced meat (it could be a mixture of chicken,pork,lamb;it depends on your choice and taste)

5 eggs

Salt to taste

Black peper powder

Garlic powder (if you wish)


100 gr yellow cheese

Method of preparation:

First wash the tomatoes and remove the inner part of them. Salt them inside and leave them for some time.  Meantime while cooking the spinach you can prepare the cheese and the meat. So, you can grate the cheese, and finely chop the meat. Then beat the eggs in a bowl and add the ingredients into the bowl. When the spinach is ready put it into the bowl,too. Sprinkle some black pepper powder and stir well. Fill the tomatoes with the mixture, place them into  a pan and bake in the warm oven, about 200`.  Bake for 15 minutes,then remove them from the oven and stir some yellow cheese onto the top of the tomatoes. Place them into the oven for 5 minutes. Enjoy the baked tomatoes with beer and baked home bread.


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