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1. How Shvoong works?
I have joined Shvoong sometime in year 2007. Shvoong was actually a site that pay members to write abstracts, reviews and translations. However, I was not very much aware on how the payment works initialy. But I gradually found that the payment are actually calculated based on page views to the materials submitted by you. And 10 percent of the total income will go to all the members based on page views. In essence, Shvoong pays members in terms of how popular the articles are.

2. Background
I did not like Shvoong in the beginning because the earning I got in my account, was really little as compared to other get paid to write websites like Helium and so on. You see I have wrote a few article reviews and it really attracted very little traffic and despite trying all ways to promote these article links, the traffic received was still not very encouraging. So I abandoned the plan of earning from Shvoong and went to focus more on other get paid to write websites.

Then, one fine day, I logged on to see what is happening on Shvoong and true enough, the amount was still a few cents. Well, then I gave it one last try and did one website review and logged off. The review I did was on Google. And guess what. The next day, when I logged on, the page views attracted was more than a hundred and that is considering the fact that I did not link this articles to any social bookmarking sites or promoting it on the Internet.

3. Getting page view from Shvoong
I quickly went on to learn more about Shvoong and my findings revealed that website reviews are actually the ones that get enormous traffic and visitors. So I tried to write more reviews on website and true enough, the popular website reviews that I wrote are attracting 3 digit traffic figures and they still are till now.

However, the very popular website reviews that a particular member wrote may not necessary be popular forever. The reason being that there are other members vying that page views for their own articles, so it is natural to see many Google or Yahoo website reviews in Shvoong, if you probably realized.

So I quickly understand from the top ranking articles in terms of page views and I have privately discerned that the most visited website reviews are not the extremely popular websites, but those website that are fun and entertaining. And the important of all, is that it has not been reviewed. There is one article which I wrote for a few months are attracting thousands of page views every week. The review is on ‘yearbook yourself’, a website that enable visitors to see how they will look when they grow old. The link of this website review as below for your reference if you like to find out in detail.

Review on Year Book Yourself

After, I have managed to find the key success factor of how to earn with Shvoong, I quickly realized that you are required to write a lengthy review, but just a reasonable one will do just fine. Because in Shvoong, quantity does matter a lot. Imagine, you cast a web filled with reviews out into the vast space of the Internet, it is more likely that Internet users are drawn to your articles as they covered more areas of search.

4. Expand the use of Social Bookmarking
Even if your website reviews, abstracts or articles are already attracting massive traffic, I can assure you that they are not performing to their optimized potential. Introducing the use of Social Bookmaring. This will not only direct traffic to your page, it will increased the chance of it being appeared in the top list of search results. More traffic means more money for you. This is indeed the most effective way of getting traffic apart from applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Technique. SEO is a much more complex method to gain traffic, many people though they actually mastered the gis of SEO, but not many actually are able to increase PageRank and bring pages to top 10 search result after applying SEO.

5. Leverage on Shvoong
Shvoong apart from being a get paid to write abstract, review and translation website, it can also be used as article linking tool. For example if you are posting in your blog or any other pages, remember to link past review site to relevant keywords as anchorlink for users to click. These hyperlinks will direct the visitors to your Shvoong review page and thereby increasing more traffic.

For example, you have wrote a review about and in another web platform, you have wrote about a match between Liverpool and Manchester United. You may want to set the anchortext of score to be linked to your Shvoong website review. I have personally done this and it really works.

6. The things to note in writing a website review
a. The website must not be overly reviewed and written on the Internet. This is because it will affect your traffic as the searches done on the relevant keywords have been diluted.

b. The more popular searched about catagory, whether you like it or not, is fun stuffs, lovely ladies/models, entertainment, movies, celebrity gossip news, clips, sports and gambling stuffs. Consider all this catagory when you are looking for a website review idea.

c. In order to help you understand better, here are some of the more popular website reviews for your references.

7. Conclusion on Shvoong
Well, I do not write about other reviews anymore and kept on with the writing on website reviews and have been substantially successful in my efforts. And another reason of my success would be leveraging on anchortext linkings and Social Bookmarkings.So the conclusion would be earning from Shvoong is possible and remember the most important factor of all is – quantity counts. I hope this article helps you to understand how you can earn more with Shvoong.

Screen-shot of Shvoong payment proof


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