Thursday, December 14

Congress President For Mass Awareness Programme to Let People Know About Upa Achievements

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NEW DELHI. December 26, 2010. The current phase of the Congress party is once again very critical where it is imperative to reinforce the social empowerment and collective energies for reaching out the mass and to let them be informed about track record of performances of the party and the UPA government, stressed Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while addressing the recently held AICC Plenary Session at Burari in New Delhi.

In view of the accusations which are totally and blatantly baseless and unfounded, being put forward by the opposition parties including the BJP, it is being felt by many across the rank and file of the Congress party, to evolve a mechanism to spell out its achievements for the general mass, so that no doubt should remain for anyone.

“As far as our party’s achievements and activities are concerned, we will begin preparations in this regard, for the purpose of informing the general public through our soon-to-be launched Jan Jagran Abhiyan,” declared Congress President Sonia Gandhi, while addressing the party leaders and workers at the AICC Plenary Session in New Delhi early this month.

For this, at least one public meeting should be held in every assembly constituency and concerned state unit of the Congress must take lead in this programme, outlined Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

In opposition ruled states, many of the flagship programmes have been copied by the local governments under some other name and thereby, taking away the credit which is rightly of the UPA government. Since all these flagship programmes are part of the UPA manifesto, it is all the more important that every state unit of Congress party should appoint a monitoring committee to get systematic feedback on the implementation of these Central schemes, remarked Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Expressing concern over the need of better co-ordination between the Congress legislative party and the organization in states, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said that the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) must ensure at least one session of all delegates at least once a year,

With many states to go to polls in the near future, there is simply no alternative to unity, hard work and discipline, stressed Congress President Sonia Gandhi, adding that there is absolutely no place for taking things granted or for hoping that from somewhere automatically things would happen.

Taking into consideration the achievements of UPA since 2004, Congress President Sonia Gandhi said since 2004 when UPA was formed, a great deal of work has been achieved and many of the promises made to electorate in 2004 and then in 2009 have been fulfilled and there was no reason to have any doubt on the excellent track record of the UPA in all these years of its regime at the Centre.

Since the records being straight and visible, as compared to the record of the NDA during its regime, it is high time to propagate the achievements among the people throughout the country, through  mass awareness programme, strongly advocated Congress President Sonia Gandhi. 


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