Friday, December 15

Google – Not a Reliable Business Partner

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I started an online business a few months ago and opened my doors on December 1st 2010. My mistake? I counted on search engines to drive traffic. Google is the giant of search engines. Using Google is a double edge sword. It’s free. You just show up, right? Right now, there is more of a chance that this article will show up in search results before my website will. By being searchable, I mean type in the keywords which are words that direct people to your site. I have my keywords multiple tiimes (43 times on my home page) The other edge of the sword, nobody to talk to at Google. They stay behind a cloak of secrecy and it’s your job to figure out why you are not searched. There are plenty of people who claim they can help you, like now just shrugs their shoulders when I ask them about my disppearance act and they gave me a free month because they can’t figure it out. I bought the google ads and facebook ads and it cost me $75 a day. After a bill well over $1,000 in ads, I decided to cut them off.

I know, you internet techs out there are probably saying, ” it must be the keywords he has on his web page, or his title is too long, or his metatags are not right”. I have sat through days of google forums with advice from every nerd out there and countless hours with my SEO managment team and 100% fulfill the Google requirements. I don’t seem to need these requirements with the other search engines. By the way, read the google forums and you will see thousands of people with the same problem. It didn’t make me feel any better. I did get some google nerd who stated, “You should never have relied on a free search engine to advertise your business”. It took me 10 minutes to calm down from that one.

I have about a $13,000 in investments in this business. We now have to make decisions since search engines cannot be counted on. By the way, Yahoo and Bing have placed me number one on page one since the day I opened. They “crawl” me every 5 days. Google crawls my site every two weeks. How did Google become number one again??

Bottom line, don’t base your business on online searches. I am contacting newspapers and mailout companies to better spend my money.

It’s funny, nobody at Google will ever see this article.


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