Tuesday, December 12

Mcfarlane Toys: Nba Figures

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                The new NBA action figures manufactured by McFarlane Toys look so real, you’ll think some wizard cast a shrinking spell on a player and froze them just as they’re about to dunk the basketball.

                These miniature versions of Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant, were designed and crafted by Todd McFarlane. He’s the guy who’s also designed figures for the NFL, the NHL, and Major League Baseball. Todd’s a big sports fan which is why he didn’t miss a detail or anything when he designed these NBA action figures.

                The sports figures from McFarlane Toys are small and only about half a foot tall but they’re really detailed. The Kobe figure’s facial expression as he’s jumping up for a layup is the same intensity as you catch on Kobe’s face while he’s playing for real. Each figure is suited with his team jersey and is positioned the same way you’d watch them in a real NBA game. The Vince Carter figure comes ready to fly and to lay down a one-handed jam while Kevin Garnett’s comes with a hoop and shows Kevin finishing off a powerful reverse dunk. All the NBA action figures have moveable joints so you can position them what ever you like, put these players into action yourself.

                Other toy manufacturers produced some Classic Figures like the extremely rare, 1989 Starting Lineup slam dunk figure of Chicago Bulls hall of famer “His Airness” Michael Jordan. The figure comes with a basketball half court and backboard with the net and you can also move the figures arms to make a MJ slam jam in different poses.

                This shows that the NBA Toy line is a good business for toy manufacturing.  As long as the NBA continues its popularity, toy companies like McFarlane Toys and other competitors will still in business.


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