Thursday, December 14

Mcfarlane Sports Toys: Nhl Figures

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               The figures were patented and licensed by the NHLPA but not by the league itself; as such, the players’ uniforms and jerseys featured the colors of the teams for which they played, but the NHLPA logo in place of the team logos.

                McFarlane Sports Toys is the line of sports-related action figures toys released by McFarlane Toys, a company founded by the creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane. The figures are lifelike toys of selected superstars of sports and entertainment around the world. The selected sports are the five most popular sports in North America- football, baseball, hockey, stock car racing and basketball. The company has official licensing rights ownership to the 4 major professional sports leagues, but up-to-date they no longer produce racing figures.

                Later in 2001, McFarlane’s Sports Picks released the Series 1 of their NHL action figure line, and Series 1 & 2 of their NFL toy line. McFarlane’s line of sports-related action figures became the most popular toys and action figure toy line in the market. The figures proved to be very popular enough with fans and toy collectors and McFarlane issued rare alternately-painted collectible versions of most figures, they are officially called Chases. Other toys made by McFarlane Sports Toys; NHLPA Series hockey figures, NHL Hockey, NHL Legends, 3 Inch NHL line, NFL Football figures, NFL Legends, MLB Baseball figures, MLBPA figures, Cooperstown Collection,  NBA basketball figures, NBA Legends, NASCAR figures, 7 Chase figures, 7.1 NFL Chase and 7.2 NASCAR Chases.


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