Wednesday, December 13

Hanukkah Decors

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               As the legendary story goes, after the Maccabees victory over the Seleucid Empire there was a rededication of the great Temple of Jerusalem. But there was only enough or limited consecrated oil to last for one day. Unbelievably and miraculously, the oil burned for 8 days, which is how long it took to prepare for new supply of oil. They considered this as a miracle. There are, however, different versions of the story of Hanukkah. Many scholars and philanthropist argue that, historically, Hanukkah was a commemoration of the tactical military victory over the armies of Antiochus IV who attempted to eliminate or assimilate the Jews away from Judaism.

               But since modern Judaism does not recognize military victories, Hanukkah is seen as a celebration and festival of the spiritual aspect of the Temple of Jerusalem’s rededication. Thus the holiday is a festive celebration of triumph over a millennia of tribulations and trials.

                In line with this story there are many products and mechanizes that pops up in the word of marketing and merchandising. There are Hanukkah menorah and Hanukkah dreidel. This are some products witch is online with Hanukkah. You can also make candles made up of beeswax for the family menorah. Beeswax is sold in single sheets in lots of different colors. Just simply place a length of wick onto a sheet, nest roll the sheet tightly around the placed wick. And then press the tip or edge of the wax sheet to the roll, and you’ve got homemade candles.

                Another decor that can be made is the Star of David home decorations. You can form a triangle with 3 Popsicle sticks; form another triangle the same way. Then you can glue the two together to form  like the Star of David. Draw squiggly lines on the star with glue, and put some blue glitter. Hang the stars around your home, with simple ribbon. The are many possibilities and other décor that is inspires by Hanukkah. Just be imaginative and creative.


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