Monday, December 11

The Call of Duty Series Modern Warfare 2

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Ghost, a badass looking character wearing scary skeleton mask, will be playing the leading part which will be released and published by WildStorm Productions who has made several issues for Marvel and DC, including Batman, wolverine and Spider-Man and Daredevil vs. Punisher.

                We all know Robert Bowling is a big fan of graphical novels and he has already been working and making very closely with them to make this novel as kick-ass as can be, it’s hardcore. Its 1st cover looks promising and Infinity Ward looks like to have hit the bulls’ eye or hit right mark as lots of positive twits fly around on Twitter and all leading MW2 forums.

                The Call of Duty series Modern Warfare 2: Ghost is a 6-part comic book mini-series. The mini series will paralleled with the Call of Duty video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.The first release issue of the series debuted on November 11, 2009, and the second issue will follow in December.

                Modern Warfare 2: Ghost was released by Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling via social networking site Twitter August 17, 2009. The comic was produced and published by WildStorm Productions and written by David Lapham, with art works by Federico Dallocchio and Kevin West and, who drew the covers of each issue.

                Modern Warfare 2: Ghost is related to the history of Ghost, a significant character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The comic book series is set before Ghost became a member of group Task Force 141, with events from both before and leading into the main game, focusing on the beginning of the character, his notable skull-like mask, and why he calls himself the Ghost.


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