Monday, December 18

The Dirt Devilcordless Vacuum

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Since then over 25 million units have been sold. Originally the company was called Royal Manufacturing and made quality vacuum cleaners with metal cases. In the 80s they began selling the mass-produce  Dirt Devil line with plastic cases; originally its packaging said Royal Dirt Devil but over the years the name Royal appeared in smaller type and eventually vanished entirely from the package. Today the brand name is Dirt Devil, though they still produced and manufactured by Royal line, though it is much expensive and of a higher quality than Dirt Devil, and the corporate legal name is the rather unknown TTI Floor Care North America. TTI which stands for Techtronic Industries, it is a Hong Kong-based firm and the manufacturers of Vax, Hoover, and other vacuum cleaners.

                The Dirt Devil Kurv is quite the looker. It was conceptualized and designed by renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid reflecting his holistic and functional approach. The styling extends to the charging base which integrates with the vacuum unit itself. Underneath the cool styling the hand vac has a smallish dirt cup and has a 9.6 volt motor. It has a soft vacuuming tip which is very  nice touch to help prevent scratching of delicate parts and surfaces.

                In terms of style, the Dirt Devil Kurv Cordless Vacuum Cleaner will surely blend well in most houses. It’s available in several colors to match customers own home color scheme such as harbor sky-light blue, spice-dark red, Champagne-very light tan and Choco-Latte-dark brown  It’s one of those things that reallylooks good just sittingthere.

                The bottom line, Dirt Devil Kurv Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 0216SPC looks very good. It’s clearly a case of function following form. If you don’t have kids or pets and keep a very clean house and need a good looking handheld portable vacuum then the Kurv might work for you. Otherwise,


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