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Top Spain Travel Tips

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Top Spain Travel Tips

When travelling to Spain there are many ways in which you can improve the quality if your trip both during your time their and save money before getting there.

  • Prior to booking your vacation, look round for the best deals. These can be found on the internet and the prices are very low. If flying from the UK many budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet fly frequently to various Spanish destinations. Booking your flights in advance online is the cheapest way to travel to the country.

  • Regards to accommodation you should book this online rather than in an actual travel agents if possible as agents tend to add an additional fee to the base cost you should be charged, this may be small in terms of the whole cost of your holiday but it is a saving nonetheless, and could buy you a few sangrias.

  • When packing necessities it may seem a small point but purchasing items from home such as sun cream, will save you some money. If staying in busy tourist destination in high season these necessities tend to cost more.

  • Many other items such as clothing is very cheap in Spain, so a visit to the local markets will able you to buy presents and gifts cheaply. In markets you can also barter for goods, this is not only a way to save money but it is also a very fun experience.

  • If withdrawing money via an ATM you will find most cards are generally accepted such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express, however you may be subject to charges when withdrawing your money these are generally around 2 Euro.

  • If looking to explore some cities in the country then check out the Metro system. The main stations are in Madrid and Barcelona. They are inexpensive to use and a quick way of travelling through the country whilst admiring the views. Visitors can purchase 10 tickets, these can be used by one person or a family and allow for multi city journeys. They also work out cheaper than buying single tickets for each leg of your trip.

  • When leaving the country by airport you will find that there are many bargains to be had in the airports. Duty free shops are provided for departing customers those returning to EU countries can take home an unlimited amount of alcohol and tobacco. However, if you reside in a non EU country you should not that there are guidelines regarding quantity of items that can be taken home. For example 400 cigarettes is the maximum one person can take home and 10 litres of spirits is permitted. If you need advice each major airport has a customer help desk where you can direct questions.

  • If you pay for goods in Spain using your credit or debit card you are now required to show personal ID, so it is advised to make sure you have this on you.


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