Wednesday, December 13

The Walk of Faith Part Three – The Concordance As An Aid To Study

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Why is it important to spend so much time with the Bible? The more you read the more your understanding of what it is to be a Christian grows, and the next step will help you with this. Once you have got into a regular habit with your Bible reading, buy a Concordance. This will prove an invaluable tool in your studies.

A Concordance is a dictionary which lists alphapetically all the subjects and themes of the Bible and gives you the chapter and verse where they can be found. The benefit of this is that, instead of just “dipping in” to your Bible at random, you can look up items of particular interest and discover all the places in the Bible where that subject is mentioned.

For instance, you may want to know what the Bible thinks about healing. Look up “Healing” in the Concordance and you will find listed all the passages in the Bible wihere healing is mentioned. The same applies to any one of a multitude of different topics. This will help you in several ways.

For a start, if there is anything bothering you in particular one day, you can get advice and counsel directly from the Word of God. You may be having trouble forgiving someone, or you can’t shift depression, or you may have found you’ve been on a short fuse lately. All these matters are dealt with at some point or other in the scriptures and the Concordance will help you find them quickly and easily.

Or you may have come across a particular subject of interest during Bible study, for example the mention of pride at ” Chronicles 32.26. By looking up “Pride” in your Concordance you will see all the other places in the Bible where pride is mentioned. In this way you get a comprehensive view of what God thinks about pride. By doing this exercise with all the other topics that interest you, you will eventually build up a unique understanding and you can begin to speak with confidence so helping and enlightening your fellow Christians.

By refering to your Concordance at every opportunity you will not only increase your confidence in the knowledge you have about the Bible, but that knowledge will seep into your soul and begin to work within you. This is the beginning of wisdom. People will soon be coming to YOU for advice.

Once you have assimilated a body of knowledge from your own efforts, you are then ready to turn to what other people have discovered from the Bible. Thousands of Bible commentaries have been published, both in the past and now, and we shall see what role these should play in your faith walk in the next step.


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