Monday, December 11

The Walk of Faith Part One – Going To Church

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The first step on your walk of faith is finding a suitable church. You may already belong to a particular denomination. If not, look for a Reformist church. The easy manner with which services are conducted here will make you feel welcome and comfortable. Don’t worry if you are uncertain about your faith at this stage, just concentrate on finding a place where you are happy to go once a week, where the congregation are helpful and supportive and where you may find a completely new social life to help you get out of the house.

Some churches run Bible study groups which may or may not be to your liking. Again, the fellowship of being with other Christians at this stage of your walk is more important than learning doctrine and dogma. If you are not comfortable with discussing the merits of particular books of the Bible, then don’t panic. By all means go along and listen to others who may know more than you, offer to help with the supper if there is one, and before long, you’ll find yourself swept up by the magic of the Holy Spirit that is always present on these occasions.

Many people think that church is an old fashioned institution that is not relevant in the modern world, but things like companionship, friendship and sharing never go out of fashion. You’ll get a lift just by being with like-minded people. Get involved with any charity work or fundraising and you will soon start to feel part of the family. “Jam and Jerusalem” may well have become a cliche for church activities, but there’s nothing more satisfying than a successful and well run event that raises much needed cash for the church and for people who rely on the church.

Some people are put off by bickering in the church. They are disappointed to find it there, yet there will be disagreements in just about every congregation. Even the early apostles, anointed as they were, argued with each other, so why should we be any different? Learn to live with it. Try and be the peacemaker and give a deaf ear to malicious gossip. If you disagree with the minister/vicar/priest on some matter of principle, talk it over with him openly and honestly, never behind his back. He needs your help and support as much as you need his. Try not to bounce from church to church. Be committed and resourceful and people will begin to look to you for wise counsel.

This is your first step on the road to faith. In the beginning, church will be your mutual support network, but as you continue on your walk, you will realise it is far more than that.



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