Friday, December 15

Holiday, The Healthy Way

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For most people, Christmas and New Year are all about relaxing and enjoying themselves-which might explain why all our good intentions regarding health tend to vanish out the window with the arrival of the very first Christmas card and stay that way until the last chimes of midnight finally fade away on New Year’s Day. But you can have too much of good thing and extended eating, drinking and lounging about can really take its toll. Little wonder that we tend to arrive at the month of January full or remorse and vowing to get healthy, get back in shape and then stay healthy for the rest of the year.

Stay Active:

            Exercise is a great way to cut down on stress but it’s also very handy at this time of year as a way of cutting down on those hunger cravings. When you exercise, endorphins are released which make you feel more chirpy and also reduce the pangs for food. Brisk walks for 30 minutes a day will help you burn off those calories too.

Curb the Booze:

            Spirits are hard to avoid at this time of year but it comes with plenty of calories as well as hangover opportunities. The recommended safe limits are 21 units a week for adult males and 14 units a week for adult females-around ten pints and seven pints respectively, which may well be difficult to stick to. So try to stick to a damage limitation program by alternating soft drinks with alcohol, never drinking on an empty stomach and having no more than one drink per hour.

Get Enough Sleep:

            It’s easy to stay up late when there are parties to go to and plenty to watch on TV. But long hours and less shut-eye can play havoc with your health, causing everything from irritability to illness as our immune system struggles to cope with the overload. Do your body a favor-get plenty of sleep.


            Christmas and New Year are renowned for their stress-creating potential; little wonder when we’re spending hours per day with relatives we usually never see from one month to to the next. Then there’s the cooking and shopping, and the pressure to enjoy ourselves and have fun… Keep tabs on your stress levels and take time out to relax, whether it’s with a walk, a relaxing bath or even a short snooze.


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