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Fast And Easy Planning Guide For College or University Studies For International Students

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Studying in a American’s college is become more easier because it is more information for you to gather than in the old time.  You will find it is easier to find out how much you need per year (such as tuition and living expense), where to board and life in the city.  Here are some information link below you could use for your planning before you are coming to study in the United States.

Tip #1 Good College?  Bad College?  See the Ranking

It is alot more easier now to use the online material to find out what’s the best college for your need.  No matter what major you want to study, you could see the college ranking with the link below:

Find the Best College For You 

Tip #2 Don’t want to waste money by paying college’s boarding?  Find a Room or Homestay

It is understandable that you will need to pay more if you want to live in the college’s campus, usually 10% to 50% more than you are renting a room outside the campus or stay in a host family.  So, if your living budget is tight and looking for a way to save, use the click on the link below:

The Homestay Finder – Help you find a room or a host family you needed

Tip #3  Want to know the area before you got there?  See that by yourself

I believe that you will want to know how your college and the surrounding area look like before you got there, here is a way you could check that out by yourself below

Google Map

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