Tuesday, December 12

A Hardgainers Secret To Getting Buff

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As a hardgainer it can be extremely difficult to gain weight and even put on muscle. It may also seem that nothing works! And due to this many people that find it hard to gain weight and build their body mass, believe that they would just have to deal with being skinny for the rest of their lives. But in reality anyone can build their weight and even get big despite being really skinny.

To be known in bodybuilding terms as a hardgainer I know how it feels to just stand in the mirror and believe your just a living skeleton with skin. It was even somewhat depressing for me to think that it’s impossible that I could never put on body mass so I could looked healthier or even more attractive. Although I felt this way I eventually got tired of feeling sorry for myself and eating up a whole bunch of excuses, so I made a decision to make a change. And with some effort and some simple methods I was actually able to put on a good amount of body mass in a short time frame.

Out of all the things people told me to do to gain weight, I actually tried one of those high calorie diets where I ate all day long but it did not really help for me. With the condition of having a high metabolism, if I ate more my body would burn more. So as a somewhat of a solution or a way around this I learned that I could pack on weight and mass by eating during the night.

Doing this allowed me to actually start storing fat. This worked because with a high metabolism its working nonstop breaking down food sometimes too fast, but when eating during the time when my metabolism slowed down I was able to actually develop fat cells.

Doing this in fact is very effective because I hear about other hardgainers all the time going on high calorie diets of like 5,000+ calories a day and not really getting the best results simply because they are trying to work against their body and not really with it. But by simply eating normally and then at night can really help to put on gradually weight. Following this method may seem too easy or just full but it works.

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