Monday, December 18

Professional Writing: Just A Job Like Any Other

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Many people who write their first article for content websites such as Triond, Bukisa, Associated Content and Factoidz and discover that they can make money from their writing begin to dreams about having a professional writing career and making their livelihood from the articles they write. For some writing professionally remains just a dream, for others that dream becomes a reality and they discover that professional writing is not exactly what they thought it would be.

If you are considering turning your hobby writing into a career the first thing you are going to need to realize that being a professional writer is just a job like any other job. In order to be successful at your chosen career you are going to have to put in a full 8 hours if not more. While there are a lucky few, whose talents, and connections are such they can make full time money writing part time, this is the exception rather than the rule. For most professional writers especially those who write for the web, work weeks are at least 5 days and more often than not you will find yourself working more than 5 days a week when the work is available. 

When work is slow, you don’t take time off, you use that time to look for other writing opportunities or write for web content sites to keep that income flowing in. In most cases, you spend almost as much time looking for work as you do writing. 

The belief that you are your own boss is often sometimes a fallacy as well. While there are a few people who make a good monthly income writing only articles that they want to write and enjoy, most professional writers end up writing for clients at least part of the time to help supplement their writing income. When you write for clients, they are the boss, and you have deadlines to meet and often you are ask to write articles on subjects you know little or nothing about. You also are often ask to write in a set style and follow a certain format. If you don’t comply, the client can and will fire you. 

If you begin your writing career with a realistic view of just what the job involves, you will increase your chances of making a success of your career choice. While writing professionally is just a job like any other, it is a job that many of us love and are dedicated to doing.


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