Friday, December 15

21St Century's Modern Chemistry

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Product: Love Gas


Atomic Number:143 (I Love You)

Discovery: It was discovered many years ago by the great scientist called Mr. Heart.

Occurrence: Recent researches show that there is free occurrence of this gas in colleges and universities among boys and girls.

Position in the Periodic Table: Due to its many side effects, its not given any particular position in Mendsleef’s Periodic table.

Preparation: This gas is produced when the ray of the beauty from a girl strikes the retina of the boy at normal temperature and pressure sweet, gentle and affection words act as a catalyst.

chemical properties: It is a sweet smelling gas at NTP(Normal temperature and Pressure). It produces happiness when inhaled in small quantities. May produce madness, whan taken in excess. It quickly attacks or attracts youngsters.

It is heavier than all other gases. It is responsible for all the well known diseases. The most well known disease that is spread through this is AIDS.

Now a days it is found that this gas is also found in the youth also. When this gas is inhaled it makes most of the infected person blind for some time. It takes them to an unconscious state. when they come out of the unconscious state they become normal and the side effect of the gas is seen clearly. If the infected person is immune, then the gas doesn’t effect the person.


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